Ship fire simulators

We design and manufacture firefighting training simulators, that mirror real life firefighting conditions aboard a ship.

A firefighting simulator designed after requirements of a certain ship or any maritime entity can be equipped with multitude of different fire locations, such as the cabins, kitchens, vehicle decks, stairwells, elevator shafts, engine rooms, electrical centres, and storage areas and warehouses.

Each space will be equipped with gas fuelled burner systems, that have automated ignition, flame control and extinguishing systems. Adaptive flame control enables trainings of many different levels of difficulty and intensity. Artificial smoke and sound effects can be applied to add to the realism and intensity of training as desired.

Computer controlled, automatic logic controlled firefighting simulators constantly monitor gas concentration, temperature, and oxygen and carbon monoxide levels inside the training area.
Automated safety system reacts immediately if the conditions inside the simulator changes at any point. Maritime firefighting simulator can also be utilised to practice search and rescue, smoke ventilating, and damage prevention.

Training place for maritime personnel

Firefighting simulators that are designed to simulate ship-like environment serve all maritime personnel who are required to be able to function independently, without the assistance of professionals, in case of fire or other hazards. Engine room, vehicle deck, cabin, kitchen, and electrical centre are among the most common training locations for maritime firefighting simulator.

Monitoring room is a bridge-like space from which the personnel actions are guided during a fire or hazardous situation.
While at port the simulator can be used to train multitude of separate groups how to function correctly together in different situations across the whole ship. Maritime firefighting simulators can easily be equipped to simulate any additional hazards required by military sea craft, so all servicemen can be trained in addition to the ships personnel.

Located close to the personnel

PLC controlled, liquid gas fuelled simulators designed according to emergency service requirements can be located to almost anywhere. Automated flame ignition, burning, and extinguishing monitoring and controlling systems guarantee safe utilisation of the simulator.

More safety

Out on the sea maritime personnel may have to function for hours in difficult and hazardous conditions without outside help. Arriving to ships is difficult, sometimes even impossible due to the weather conditions and hazards, even for emergency services. Personnel must be able to function correctly and swiftly in, for example, case of fire in order to minimise damage and danger. Training in lifelike
environment with real flames and artificial smoke provides readiness for success in case of an actual fire aboard a craft.


Our first firefighting simulator designed first and foremost for maritime training, we delivered in 2010 for Meriturva Upinniemi (Maritime Safety, Upinniemi training location) in Kirkkonummi, Finland. Next simulator designed for maritime personnel we are delivering to Iceland in the spring of 2019.