Cabin firefighting simulators

Specially for demanding training requirements of airline companies, we have developed fully automatic computer logic guided cabin and cockpit firefighting simulators. These simulators enable training with real fire and smoke in extremely life-like environment resembling an aircraft and different fires that can occur inside a craft in real situations. Firefighting training targets can be, for example, WC, seat, cockpit, overhead locker, oven, laptop and lithium-ion batteries.
Alongside the fires themselves, different effects such as sounds and lighting, are available for simulators to further strengthen the simulation of real life situation during training.

For aircraft personnel training

Designed for training of all aircraft personnel. International airline codes require, that all personnel are trained in life-like conditions with real fire and artificial smoke.

For airline companies training centres

Cabin firefighting simulators are designed to be located in airline companies own training areas or centres. This way the personnel can be trained with necessary safety and firefighting exercises as they are receiving their upkeep training in other departments of the centre. These safe training simulators can be located either indoors or outside the centre itself.

Higher safety standards

Cabin personnels’ main duty is to take care of passenger safety during travel.
Fires occurring aboard an aircraft are one of the most dangerous possible situation during air travel. Training in a cabin firefighting simulator can drastically enhance personnels’ capabilities should any hazardous situations occur during the flight.


Since 1998 we have manufactured and delivered dozens of differently designed fir fighting simulators for airline and training companies.

Among our clients are
Lufthansa, Germany
Finnair, Finland
Emirates, UAE
Etihad, UAE
Thai AW, Thailand
Air Berlin, Germany
FlyLal, Lithuania
Sabena Vita, Lithuania
Jet Alliance, Austria
TFC Kauefer, Germany