Paratech Heavy Rescue Tools

Paratech rescue equipment is designed for professional needs and requirements.

Paratech Heavy Rescue Tools are designed for lifting and securing large masses.
Paratech – portfolio includes equipment required for road, rail, seafaring, and crumbling disasters, such as lifting pillows and securing jacks.

High-security Paratech equipment are quick and easy to use.

Paratech Heavy Rescue Tools are trusted by security and rescue services, as well as professionals of other fields.

In Finland Interfire Products Oy (Ltd) takes charge of sale and maintenance of Paratech equipment.
Paratech Heavy Rescue Tools are a safe choice for anyone, that needs to prepare for disasters.
Long experience, continous product development, as well as training operation quarantee that Paratech Heavy Rescue Tools answer the needs and requirements of their users.

The larger the masses in question, more difficult the rescue operation is.
That’s when one needs Paratech equipment designed for professionals.

Paratech equipment

Paratech Heavy lift struts and attachments

Examples of uses