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Choosing the best INTERFIRE RFFT simulator for your usage is easy by comparing the costs. We have monitored the usage costs of fire fighting simulators with our customers for over ten years.

RFFT requires 400 V 3x16 ampere input electric power, but the continuous consumption is only around 1 kw/h.

The consumption of gas is on average 5-10g/ trained and the water consumption only 1-2l/ trained.


20 pupils training in one hour has the following costs:

Electricity 1kw/h                                    15 euro cents

Gas 200 g                                                 20 euro cents

Water 40 liters                                        15 euro cents

2,5 euro cents/ one trained pupil without counting in capital and trainer costs.


Simulator also reduces the time which the pupil is away from workplace for about 1,5h/ student compared to traditional training organized in training zone.


Traditional fire fighting training executed in airport’s training zone.


Bus transport to training zone and back 20€/ student.

Training 25€/ student.

Working time 2,5 hours/ student.

Training costs rise easily to 45€/ student and working time is needed 1,5h/ student more.


In medium airline company there is even 15000 fire fighting training students a year. With INTERFIRE RFFT working time can be saved over 22500 hours per year.
When the bus transportation and payments to external training organizations are reduced from the costs above, it can be counted that modern INTERFIRE RFFT simulator pays itself back during the second year of use.



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